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Prince Harry attacks his brother more and more. In his autobiography, Spare accused William of physical assault. He also recalled the quarrel between Meghan and Kate and the famous scandal of 2005, when he came to a party wearing a Nazi uniform.

In the book Spare Prince Harry, he reiterates a number of allegations against other members of the royal family, especially his elder brother. In an interview, Prince Harry assured that he had no intention of harming his father, Charles III and his brother, or hurting them.

The prince claimed he wanted reconciliation with his family, but “there has to be some responsibility”. “I think there’s probably a lot of people who, after watching the documentary — the six-episode Netflix series released in December — and reading the book Spare Prince Harry, will say, ‘How could you ever forgive your family for what they did?’ People have already told me that. I said forgiveness is 100 percent possible because I want my father back. I would like to have my brother back – assured the younger son of Charles III. But he added: “At the moment I don’t recognize them, just as they probably won’t recognize me.”

Harry explained that the book Spare Prince Harry ebook is the answer to “many, many years of lies being told about me and my family”.

A thread running through the entire interview was the role of the British tabloids. Harry accused some members of the royal family – though he didn’t specify who he was referring to – that they got too close to this kind of press.

In the interview, Harry reiterated his earlier claims that his and Meghan’s resignation from royal duties and their move from the UK to the US was related to their fears for their lives, in particular that a tragedy similar to the death of William and Harry’s mother could follow Princess Diana, who died in an accident while paparazzi were following her car.

Referring to Meghan’s relationship with William and Kate, Harry admitted that the impression that they did not get along almost at first was correct. “I always hoped the four of us would get along.” But very quickly it became Meghan versus Kate. And when it’s played out so publicly, you can’t escape it.”

He argued that the tabloids that were unfavorable to Meghan – especially emphasizing that she is an American actress – created a barrier that did not allow William and Kate to accept her in the family.

Harry assured that his brother had never tried to dissuade him from marrying Meghan, but he signaled some concerns very early on. As he revealed, William said: “It’s going to be really hard for you.” I still don’t fully understand what he was talking about. Maybe he was anticipating the reaction of the British press,” Harry pointed out.

After leaving the royal family, Harry and Meghan emphasized that they wanted above all peace for themselves and their children. However, the Sussexes consistently heat up the atmosphere around them and relations with the other royals. The case of the documentary filmed for Netflix has not yet died down, and another field for rumors and speculation has already appeared.

Harry’s autobiography was supposed to appear on the British market on January 10. Copies of Spare Prince Harry ebook (“Spare” – the title refers to the position as the younger brother of the heir to the throne – ed.) were accidentally sold in the Spanish version 5 days before the release date. Stories described by a member of the British royal family hit the headlines of Internet portals around the world.

Harry accused William of beating up

Particular attention was paid to Harry’s memories of his relationship with his brother. Meghan Markle’s husband accused William of physical assault. The incident allegedly took place in 2019, when William allegedly called his brother’s wife “difficult”, “naughty” and “rough”, which Harry perceived as repeating the press narrative.

In Spare Prince Harry ebook does not hesitate to make harsh accusations against William and Kate. He mentioned e.g. about his controversial action from 2005. When the prince appeared at the masquerade ball in a Nazi costume, a scandal broke out. Now the Duke of Sussex claims that he consulted his brother and future sister-in-law before choosing an outfit for the event. I’ve called Willy and Kate. I asked what they thought about it. They told me to pick a Nazi costume. It amused them very much. They said it was definitely funnier, and that’s what it was all about,” he wrote. The elder son of Karol and Diana also appeared at the aforementioned event – he was dressed as a lion.

What did Meghan quarrel with Kate about?

Harry’s reports about Meghan and Kate’s quarrel, which took place just before the Sussexes’ wedding, are also shocking. Three weeks before the ceremony, William’s second son, Louis, was born. In ebook Spare Prince Harry, the younger son of Charles and Diana mentions that during the discussion about the dress rehearsal before the wedding, a fierce dispute took place. Meghan Markle was to say that “Kate Middleton has a baby brain due to hormones raging after childbirth”.

The comment was meant to infuriate Kate. Harry’s future wife was to hear that he was not close enough with Kate to make such remarks. The American received a severe reprimand. In Harry’s opinion, Meghan Markle was not aware that her words would upset William’s wife and believed that she was not to blame for the whole row.

Prince Harry doesn’t beat around the bush. In his biography, he told about many events that, according to many, he should keep secret. Because he didn’t hold back on one confession, he could be in serious trouble.

Prince Harry has a hard time not only with the Windsor family. His autobiography aroused indignation also among… the Taliban. After the prince decided to nonchalantly boast of killing twenty-five of them, a real storm broke out. Harry takes beatings from all sides.

In ebook Spare Prince Harry admitted that he had eliminated twenty-five Taliban during his military service. In 2012-2013, the member of the royal family served in Afghanistan as a military helicopter gunner. In his memoirs, the prince claims that he feels neither pride nor shame about his actions, and during the fights he treated his opponents like pawns, which he removed from the chessboard.

Prince Harry has never hidden the fact that he served in the military. Nor was it a secret that he had been sent to Afghanistan. What no one knew until now was the number of people he shot. Such detailed memoirs from the battlefield met with a loud response from British veterans and the Taliban themselves.

A senior Taliban leader condemned Harry’s confession on Twitter, drawing attention to its dehumanizing aspect. However, the prince cannot seek solace among representatives of the British military. Colonel Tim Collins, who led the unit fighting in Iraq, also criticized Harry’s position. In an interview with Forces News, he called his words distasteful, adding that the soldiers did not share his position.

There is also a group of people who, in the light of these revelations, began to worry about the prince’s safety.

“I think it’s unwise to say it out loud,” the British veteran commented in an interview with Sky News.

The soldier added that Harry had long been a very important target for enemy forces. This implied that now his situation could worsen.

On Sunday, March 8, Prince Harry, as part of the promotion of his latest autobiography, gave an extensive interview in which he referred to the already published fragments. William’s younger brother did not shy away from very sincere comments that put his family in a bad light.

During the 60-minute conversation, Harry raised many previously addressed threads, confirming the truth of leaks of his book that took place in recent days. The official premiere of ebook Spare Prince Harry is scheduled for January 10. In Spain, by chance, the autobiography went on sale a little earlier, and its fragments began to be translated en masse and became fodder for the media and fans of the monarchy around the world. The quotes published so far indicate primarily the fact that Harry has opted for brutal honesty, which may irreparably quarrel him with the rest of the family. Some people had doubts whether the words taken out of context were not prepared in order to arouse controversy. Together with the interview given by Harry to the tv station, we have gained confirmation of the authenticity of the already known fragments.

In the conversation, Harry shared memories of his childhood and teenage years. Among other things, he told about attending the same school with his brother. According to the Duke of Sussex, William was not delighted with the presence of his younger brother and asked him not to pretend that they did not know each other. Harry also referred to the death of his mother, which according to him is still an unexplained matter. In an interview, he confessed that he himself drove through the tunnel in which Diana died and according to him, there is no way to lose control behind the wheel without the participation of third parties.

Ex-royals is aware that his recent publications may have a negative impact on his relationship with his family, however, he hopes that everything that has been said will clear the atmosphere and facilitate communication in the future. According to him, the last six years had a key impact on today’s cooling of relations. As he himself emphasizes, he has repeatedly tried to rebuild family ties, but he has not seen such willingness on the other side. Harry said some family members thought he was “delusional and paranoid”.

In his memoirs ebook Prince Harry Spare, gave insights into the life and struggles of the British royal family that were previously unimaginable. The book Prince Harry Spare was not supposed to be published until January 10, but it accidentally ended up in bookstores in Spain on Thursday. Since then, the explosive details have made their way into the public eye and have made the British jaw drop.

The Times of London called the memoirs “scathing” and the Daily Telegraph and The Sun quoted the prince as asking his father not to marry Camilla (“Please don’t marry Camilla”) and his confessions to the use of cocaine and marijuana (“I did coke and weed”). The Daily Express accused Harry of hypocrisy: “Renconcile? But you sold your soul, Harry.”

Harry writes in the ebook Prince Harry Spare – about using cocaine, what his first sex with an older woman was like, and how his brother and Kate encouraged him to wear the Nazi costume many years ago that he was later told in the press became fatal. He says he always knew Camilla was “the other woman” in his father’s life and that his mother Diana’s death still haunts him to this day. His father, King Charles III. didn’t even hug him when he got the news of his mother’s death. He also reports on his time in the war service and that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan. “It wasn’t something that gave me satisfaction, but I wasn’t ashamed either,” Harry wrote.

The details from the innermost circle of the otherwise tight-lipped British royal family, spread over almost 600 pages, are likely to dominate the headlines in Great Britain for days to come. Harry has hereby broken one of the biggest taboos that apply to the British royal family: silence. There is already speculation that the palace could strip Harry and Meghan of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Whether it will come to that is uncertain, but one thing seems clear: reconciliation between the quarreling brothers is a long way off. Officially, Buckingham Palace remains silent on the flood of allegations and revelations. In the British media, however, statements from the environment of Harry’s brother and his father are increasingly appearing.

The 40-year-old heir to the throne, William, was “worried and sad” and seething inside, but would not “fight back,” a friend of the two brothers told the Sunday Times.

According to media reports, Harry’s father is also “injured”. According to the Sunday Telegraph, King Charles III. a reconciliation with his youngest son as the only “way out of the mess”. Accordingly, Harry and his wife should be invited to the coronation of the 74-year-old on May 6th.

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